Air universal adapters for external antenna cell phone



      What I will describe is the result of long-term experiments in service and on the ground. Connectivity for mobile phones in the form of tiles is the result of work and mount antennas since in my area that is mountainous is the place where the very poor mobile network coverage or no without the use of external antennas. I have made many types of tiles but this proved to be the best considering that when the connection is increased or remained the same number of dashes in the phone that indicate signal strength. ( Characteristic of all connections is that the signal is weakest when establishing a connection ).


      It can be used for more than 80% of phones especially the newer models even have a camera. If the network coverage is relatively poor to try a couple of different phone models . In older models that have the antenna outside the camera does not always give good results.

       External antenna to be connected with high-quality coaxial cable impedance of 75 ohms , which is used for TV antenna and connect to the F connector on the board. 50 ohm cables for phones bring greater attenuation of 75 ohms and give worse results . Flat side of the lean connection on the back of the upper part of the phone so that the cable facing down and stick tile with the phone using a wider band. It is good to cut a piece of inner tube of a bicycle or the like. Antenna cable is less in length, the shorter it is the less signal loss .


      When everything is connected the antenna to hold in one hand and cell phone in the other and look for where the best reception. If you need to fix the height of the antenna rod. Admission to try when you have a network , simply by asking someone . The number of bars of signal strength on the phone is not authoritative because different phones show a different signal. An example of the old Nokia 3310 I got the network and can communicate normally and the phone is not showing any dash with Siemens MC 60 should have 2 bars and so on . When searching for a good signal for example by Siemens as fast a signal while the Nokia 3310 to hold the antenna in one direction and wait ten seconds to see if the network is up or not. I have achieved excellent results with the Sony Ericsson K310i phone with a camera. That's why sometimes you should try a few different phone.


       Once you've found a good place to receive and secure the antenna cables shorter or longer second set depending on the distance to the antenna and the phone. Do not proceed because the 75 ohm cable is not already set. During a telephone device to hold his hand to the bottom half so the connection is not covered hand.


       I used YAGI antenna type that has a metal grid back and gave the best results by far were made by " Micron " from Nis ( with a little improvement in the antenna tiles ) , of course you try the other proizvđjača . The antenna type LOGA I was getting a lot worse .

        Due to the poor reception it can happen that you do not have network coverage of 24 hours, and they can also be altered condition of acceptance by the seasons and depending on rainfall. From experience, I believe that the worst reception conditions during the spring and summer when there is plenty of greenery. It's all because generally receive waves reflected from various obstacles . It used to spend a lot of time and have the patience to find the best place the antenna for good reception .

       Of course, to use a network card or that you think is the strongest and most stable in your environment. Anyway you can try to search for other networks.

I wish you success in work and patience !